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Mark Stuart - Development Director

Mark is a founding member of Hands and Feet Project. His connection with Haiti roots back to his first trip as a high school student with his father, 25 years ago. Mark instantly fell in love with the nation and its people. In 1991, Mark founded Audio Adrenaline with Bob Herdman and Will McGinnis. The band went on to enjoy a 17 year long career and two Grammy wins, with Mark as their lead singer. In the aftermath of the band’s career, Mark founded Hands And Feet Project alongside his bandmates in 2004.

Shining a light on the dignity of the Haitian people, Mark leads us with insight, dreaming, and passion. He now travels the country with his wife, Aegis and two children, meeting with partners and sharing the story of Hands and Feet Project.


Andrea McGinniss - EXECUTIVE Director

Andrea has been intricately involved with Hands and Feet Project since the very beginning. Her first visit to Haiti was in 2001 and three years later Andrea linked arms with her husband, Will McGinniss, as he joined Mark Stuart to found the Hands and Feet Project. Before HAFP, Andrea served several local businesses with finances and marketing. She started to work with the HAFP US Office in 2006 serving in finance and operations.  She then took on the role of Childcare Director, serving in childcare programming and Children’s Village operations. In January of 2018, she accepted the position as Executive Director.

With a heart to serve others, including the kids and staff at HAFP and her personal family, Andrea leads with compassion, vision, and joy. Andrea, her husband Will, and their three children all live in Franklin, TN.


Rebekah Foshee - IKONDO DIRECTOR

Rebekah started leading teams to HAFP ten years ago and has remained an integral part of the team ever since. Before serving with Hands and Feet Project, Rebekah completed a term with AmeriCorp and moved to Nashville to finish her degree at Trevecca University. She has served Hands and Feet Project through leading short term mission trips, interning in Jacmel, working in the US office, and living in Haiti with her husband from 2014 to 2015. Since returning stateside, Rebekah has worked remotely in Florida with her husband, Quinton and two sons. Most recently, Rebekah was HAFP’s Trip Administrator.

Furthering her passion for family, social justice, and orphan care, Rebekah leads us with empathy, grace, and loyalty. With her leadership, we are able to deeper connect with the heart of Haiti and each other.


ashley white - creative assistant

Ashley started working with Hands and Feet Project in January of 2019. With a love for storytelling and communication, Ashley is in charge of all things Social Media and assists in communications. Before working with HAFP, she has been working on her music and writing on her own, as well as working with other organizations to dream up ways to communicate their vision.

Currently, Ashley resides in Franklin, TN and is still pursuing music, as well as writing in a variety of ways. She has a vision to invite people to something more and loves to see the many different shapes that conversations can take.



Taylor began working with the Hands and Feet Project while covering Rebekah Foshee’s maternity leave in 2018. She took her first trip to Haiti in March of 2018, continued to cover Rebekah’s Trip Administrator position over the summer and has stuck with us ever since! Before working with HAFP, Taylor interned for a missions organization in Ecuador, living there for five months.

As a student at the University of Florida, studying Marketing Communications and Business, Taylor’s vision is to use her degree to aid international nonprofits, raise global awareness of the orphan crisis, and see improvement of US foster care systems. With her passion to build God’s kingdom and provide homes for those without one, Taylor leads us with hope, courage, and strength. Currently, Taylor works remotely from Southwest Florida with her husband, Ben.


Samantha Ponder - Sponsor Engagement Coordinator

Samantha has been traveling to Haiti since 2013 through multiple organizations. Two months after her first trip, she connected with Hands and Feet Project and has become a vital part of the team. Over the next few years, she went on to return to Haiti three more times, intern for HAFP in the states, and join our staff.

Samantha’s story speaks to her passion around the orphan crisis. When she was younger, Sam lost her father; she still has an amazing mother who raised her to be who she is today. In the context of her story, Sam strongly feels that God is using her father’s death to fuel her passion to advocate for children around the world who are orphaned. With a strong heart for connection, Sam leads us with confidence, perspective, and an eye for endless possibilities.

Currently, Samantha is a full-time student at Auburn University pursuing a Global Studies degree with a minor in Business. She splits her time between Auburn, AL and Franklin, TN.


The Zornes Family - Child and Family Advocates

The Zornes Family was introduced to the Hands and Feet Project in 2008, and fell in love with Haiti right away. Ryan, an ordained pastor and professional firefighter of 17 years, was the first to visit Haiti. He then brought his wife Alicia, elementary school teacher of 20 years, and their daughter Abby along with him. Every trip they took with HAFP was longer than the last, until they became full-time missionaries living in Haiti.

The Zornes are now using their backgrounds in education, management, emergency services and pastoral care to serve as Child and Family Advocates for the Hands and Feet Project. They also serve as Race Directors for HAFP, traveling between Haiti and their home in Kentucky.