We believe every orphan care strategy begins with a fight to keep families together. Many mothers considering abandoning their children would choose to keep their babies if a safe and nurturing daily care option was available. LITTLE HANDS day care will give mothers in crisis a healthy and hopeful pathway to keep their families intact.


Nestled on the front campus of our Jacmel Children’s Village, our new day care program will provide excellent, Christ-centered care, for children aged 0-4. Boys and girls will receive breakfast and lunch, healthcare as needed, and a Montessori based preschool education focused on the Biblical narrative. 


With your help, we will finish the renovation, purchase needed cribs and furnishings, and prepare LITTLE HANDS for its Grand Opening this fall. Your financial gift will not only help with the initial launch of the program, but with the operational costs for the first few months until our boys and girls are sponsored.