Thank you Alabama for helping us provide the very best care for some amazing children!


Each of our children have multiple $30/month sponsors. Each sponsor will be invited to join their sponsored child's private Facebook group (Family Room) to receive updates, pictures and messages. 100% of all Child Sponsorship funding is dedicated to our Child Care Programs.

Children with the greatest need - click to learn more and sponsor

Canes -  More info

Canes - More info

Egan -  More info

Egan - More info

Ely -  More info

Ely - More info

Etzer -  More info

Etzer - More info

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Nenes - More info

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Robenson - More info

Although the boys and girls shown above have the biggest need for sponsorship, we have more than 100 children that you can meet and sponsor from our Grand Goave and Jacmel Children's Villages. Follow the links below to learn more.


  • Our Child Care program provides a Circle of Care for the boys and girls residing in our Children's Village, children in our home-based care program, children receiving educational support, children enrolled in our day care and emergency support for unsponsored children in our community.

  • 5% of Child Sponsorship funding is dedicated to the Dream Fund, a savings account set aside for our children's future.  This fund is managed as one investment account benefitting our children upon their transition into the Haitian community.

  • Upon request, an individual or group may become a child's sole sponsor by meeting the minimum required sponsorships. Email us to learn more.

  • An individual with multiple sponsorships would have the option of forwarding their additional invitations to friends and family members to join him/her within their prospective child's FAMILY ROOM.Through the Family Room (each child’s Facebook group), the sponsors will receive photos, messages, and updates from their child through our Family Room stewards.

  • It is our vision to see the Family Room become more than a group of financial sponsors, but also a meaningful, engaging, prayerful support system.

  • We encourage each sponsor to help build their child’s Family Room through their own social networks. Invite a friend or family member to join your child’s Family Room today!


Many of us are familiar with child sponsorship programs where a $30 sponsorship covers the entire monthly need. While many of these organizations do great work, the vast majority of them do not sponsor orphans. Rather, they subsidize families in crisis. We are set apart in that we care for children without any parental support. We are underwriting every financial need of the abandoned or orphaned child as they are brought into the Hands and Feet Project family.

The Hands and Feet Project covers the cost of food, utilities, healthcare, school, and our Haitian child care staff. We also commit 5% of the monthly sponsorship to be directed toward our children’s DREAM FUND. The DREAM FUND is our savings account, set aside for our children’s future. The DREAM FUND will be managed as one investment account benefiting our children upon their transition into the Haitian community.